Ode to the spider, how much do I hate thee… I mean, you eat mosquitoes so that’s OK, but do you have to be so damn creepy?

I put serious consideration in to purchasing a new vehicle the other day.  Note the photograph of the handle on the drivers side door below.Untitled-1

What 8 legged asshole? You have unlimited options to build your web in my yard or preferably the neighbours yard (sorry guys) and you choose my f*cking door handle?

I have to get to work but nope, I’m attacking my own car with a giant stick and jumping around screaming like a school girl at a Justin Beiber concert. WTF?

My son is in the backseat watching this go down yelling “GET HIM!” “Get a bigger stick!”  What kind of example am I setting?

So I got a bigger stick, wrapped up his web around the end and threw the stick across the yard where it still remains.

As for the spider and his web? I walked right through it today on the way out the door. Well played spider…well played.


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