That one time in band camp…

Okay, those of you that get the reference, are you laughing? If you fall in to the generation before or after, move along, you won’t get it.


For those of you who do get it: I had the best much-needed laugh at work this week. My friend walked across the hall today to tell me her son was starting band camp today. There was a brief pause and then we both busted out laughing.  What made it funnier was that her son has no idea why it’s so funny.

He’s going in to grade 7 so he clearly doesn’t get the reference and my friend is certainly not going to explain to her under aged son why it’s so damn funny.  But she keeps laughing about it and he keeps asking “what’s so funny?” and “what happens at band camp?”  Wouldn’t YOU like to know !!!

Just a shout-out to this generation and the things we found funny. The nostalgia is strong with this one.



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