How to suck at pool – 101

Step 1: Join a pool league with zero experience or skills.

That’s it, that’s all you have to do.  And I have done this successfully I might add.  I have yet to master any sort of coordination that’s required to make a good shot.  I completely lack the ability to shoot in a straight line as well.

That’s not to say that I won’t immediately strut around like the queen of shit when I accidentally get a ball in and it’s assumed I did it on purpose.  I most certainly did not do any of it on purpose. But let’s not let that get out, just in case a team mate or opponent happens to stumble across this at some point.

Some interesting side developments have come about since joining a pool league.  It has forced me out of my comfort zone. I am meeting new people which is tough to do in PEI. I even made a stellar new friend. (pretty much the only other female in the room, we were drawn to each other like “thank GAWD, a fellow female, possessor of boobs)

Interesting thing about being low-key invisible in a room full of men, they fart! And they smell… a LOT!  I think they find themselves in a level of comfort being surrounded by other farting smelly men and so it goes, they let it all rip.  From Crop-dusters to SBD’s.  It all happens in that pool hall.

Aside from the frustration of not being able to play pool, I am having fun and it gets me out once a week to be forced in to socialization and that’s a good thing.


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