My “Beef” with Burger Love

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For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, Burger Love is a phenomenon that takes over Prince Edward Island every April. For the entire month, restaurants the Island over, create fantastic delicious works of art using Island Beef and compete with each other over who has THE. BEST. BURGER! Thousands rush to participating restaurants to try as many as they can and vote for their favourite.

But I have a “beef” with #burgerlove Don’t get me wrong, I am a BIG fan of burger love. And for the month of April, I become a bigger one. hahaha help me!

I ordered a burger from a popular restaurant in #Stratford yesterday and it arrived in a …gasp…Styrofoam container. I know right? There are available biodegradable containers and yet…

I mean really, how are we not there yet? Do we really need government to regulate these sorts of things? And on that note: Why hasn’t that been regulated yet? Why isn’t there a law about using Styrofoam containers of any sort. We live on a tiny island with not a whole lot of space and a tiny globe with, you guessed it, not a lot of space.

It’s common sense and a really simple fix. Easy! Just don’t use them. It’s not like there aren’t a plethora of alternatives. Just pick a different one that will biodegrade in the ground. There’s plenty. I know this because I may or may not have eaten more than one, maybe two, okaaaayyy three burger love’s in under a 24 hour period and some arrived in a lovely biodegradable box. Does anyone have a Tums?

So back to Burger Love. Consider how many burgers are sold each April (over 180,000 in 2018 and over 833,000 in total according to Google), consider how many of those are take-out, that’s an exponentially increased amount of styrofoam containers being used. To be fair, some restaurants use them year round but the numbers increased dramatically in April. We’re all a little a burger crazed are we not?

I was surprised when I saw it, like how I’m surprised when I see someone toss garbage from a car window. It’s become such a taboo that when you see someone do it, you’re like WHOA there buddy, you take a wrong turn somewhere back in 1985? Get back in your Delorian and move it along now”

I will be taking my business elsewhere in the future, not just for Burger Love but all year round because I can’t in good conscious support this. FYI: the burger was probably good but it was tainted with bitterness.


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